Heaven's Gait Horse Sanctuary

About Us

Heaven's Gait was founded by Debbie Statton and her trusted sidekick Paul in 2009. The sanctuary is now located in Rembert South Carolina. In 2013, we moved all our animals from Paso Robles, California.

Even before establishing a sanctuary, we were taking in homeless horses. Starting a home for these animals has always been our plan.

I have a broad range of experiences with animal care. I have volunteered at different sanctuaries to learn as much as I could about running a non-profit animal organization. I have also volunteered at a number of dog rescues,  animal services and small local zoos. I have taken many animal handling courses as well as workshops at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah. I have incorporated much of their ideas and philosophies into running a sanctuary and treatment of animals. Before establishing this sanctuary, I worked as a vet assistant and had a pet sitting and stall mucking business. I was also employed as a full-time dog nanny. I am using all of my collected knowlege to take care of the rescues and am continually learning more about animal behavior. Before embarking on my hands-on training of animal behavior and care,  I earned a PhD in biology but quickly became disillusioned with academia.

Everywhere I have lived throughout my life, and there have been many places, my property and home have always been sanctuaries for the homeless and needy animals. I love taking care of the animals and couldn't imagine anything in my life that could give me more satisfaction.  Once I met Debbie, we decided that creating an official nonprofit was going to be a reality for the both of us.

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