Heaven's Gait Horse Sanctuary

Flicka and Thyme Story

Flicka and Thyme were brought to Heaven's Gait June 16, 2011. They were  in an extreme stage of starvation. Both looked like walking skeletons. Flicka was at least 400 pounds underweight and Thyme was equally malnourished. When I tried to detangle their manes the hair just came out in my hands. Watching them try to walk around and stay balanced was heart aching.

Flicka and Thyme were housed in a field with another very aggressive horse. The other horse would not let either of them eat. The owner obviously did nothing to rectify the situation. Neighbors complained about the horrendous state of health these two animals were in and notified animals services. Again nothing was done. Finally one of the neighbors took control of the situation and acquired these horses with the owner’s permission. She could not afford to house and feed them and was planning on getting help from others until she could find permanent placement for them. What a wonderful thing she did.

It only took approximately a month for Flicka and Thyme to regain enough weight to start feeling and acting like horses again. Flicka is a small 30 year old Arabian female with a big personality. She bosses Thyme around and doesn't let him wander too far from her. Thyme is a big guy with a big heart. He is still  young, only being in his early 20's.

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