Heaven's Gait Horse Sanctuary


Nash is a very pretty paint, quarterhorse. For most of his life, Nash was treated very well and won lots of ribbons and was a national trail riding champion. However, the owner's singing career starting taking off and thus she no longer had the time to take care of Nash properly. The owner thought she found Nash a loving forever home with a family member. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Nash was placed in a field with a stallion and other aggressive horses. Nash lost a large amount of weight as the horses would not let him eat, and he had multiple untended gashes and cuts on him from being bullied by these horses. Once the owner discovered how Nash was being mistreated, she immediately retook possession of him, boarded him at a neighbor's farm and nursed him back to health. The owner no longer had the facilities to house a horse and found our sanctuary. Nash was in fairly good condition when he arrived at the sanctuary on August 7, 2011, except his front two legs have conformational problems which cause lameness. Nash will enjoy the remainder of his life at HG eating and hanging out with his "girlfriends."
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