Heaven's Gait Horse Sanctuary


Pumpkin is an 19 year old Thoroughbred Oldenburg mix.

Pumpkin was donated to HG by a woman who owned a riding school for young people from Northern California. Pumpkin was "too hot" for beginners to ride thus the woman had no use for her. One of the former students of the school had left Pumpkin behind. I adopted Pumpkin in August of 2008 thinking I could use her as a riding horse. After vet checks, equine chiropractors and body work therapists, it was found that Pumpkin was in quite a bit of pain thus explaining her "hot" behavior when being ridden. She wanted to get the lesson over and the person off her back as quickly as possible to relieve the pain. Therefore, Pumpkin became a pasture horse. She now enjoys her days eating grass, lying in the sun, and bossing around her pasture mates.
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