Heaven's Gait Horse Sanctuary


Yes, We know this is a horse sanctuary, but we take in all kinds of animals in need. Sammy was our first dog rescue. He had a hard life prior to the Yorkie Terrier National Rescue (YTNR) finding him. He had a family that loved him, but could not financially take care of his basic needs. He had poor nutrition and no veterinarian care.  Sammy had to have all his teeth removed as they were all rotting out and needed to be neutered. Sammy has no hair on most of his body due to poor nutrition. He has a chronic cough and with further vet care, we found that Sammy has an enlarged heart. Even with all his medical issues, Sammy is the most loving animal we have ever been around and he brings love into our life every minute of every day. He is a happy dog and even at his age likes to play with toys. Right now his past life is catching up to him and his kidneys are failing, but for the last year we've given him the best medical care possible with the help of Dr. Crowder and all the staff from the Main Street Small Animal Hospital in Templeton, CA. In addition, he now has pneumonia. It will be a constant battle to keep him with us, but as long as he wants to be with us we will do everything possible for him! 

Sammy did not survive the pneumonia and passed during the early hours of Feb 27, 2012. His little body could not take any more. I am glad he no longer has to physically struggle but we do miss him dearly.
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